Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings We deliver a cost-effective filtration solution that rolls filtration and air conditioning into one unit. Customers rely on us as a single-source supplier for HVAC and filtration solutions for buildings and facilities.


The Problem

Key issues faced by facility managers include reducing energy costs, managing the facility’s environmental impact, and meeting indoor air quality requirements. Reducing power and energy consumption for stand-alone HVAC units and providing comfortable, clean indoor air create a unique combination of problems for a single solution.


The Solution


1. Purafil Side Access (PSA)

Purafil Side Access (PSA)

The PSA is designed to remove both particulate and gaseous pollutants for contaminant control. Connected with a new or existing HVAC system, a full range of sizes controls odor, corrosion, and air pollutants for a variety of indoor settings.


2. Advanced Odor Control PuraFilter™

Advanced Odor Control PuraFilter™

This combination molecular and particulate filter integrates Purafil® patented media (SP Blend) into a particulate filter to remove removes odors and pollutant gases while providing the same level of particulate control. Our SP Media enhanced pleated filter offers a low pressure drop for less restricted airflow and better energy efficiency.


3. Bathroom Odor & Ammonia

Bathroom Odor & Ammonia

Removes common bathroom odors—including urine, ammonia and chlorine—to protect occupants and provide an odor-free environment.




Business Empire is a globally recognized name in providing clean air. Our company has gained its trustworthy nature as a specialized supplier and solution specialist.

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