Museums, art galleries, archives and archival exhibits play a vital role in cultures around the world, exhibiting and protecting priceless artifacts. The preservation industry has distinct indoor air quality requirements to prevent deterioration in the life of these treasures.

The Problem

Acute attention to the preservation of art and valuable collections includes managing light, temperature, and humidity levels. Just as critical is the control of gaseous contaminants found in the air. Even small amounts of pollutants have a devastating cumulative effect over time.


The Solution


1. PuraFilter


The PuraFilter® is a combination chemical and particulate filter that integrates Purafil® patented dry-scrubbing media into a non-woven fiber matrix. Partnered with an HVAC system, PuraFilters help meet building codes and regulations requiring outdoor air cleaning for PM-10, PM-2.5, and ozone. They replace existing particulate filters in retrofit or rework applications as well as being used in new construction. Also available in a high efficiency option.



2. Purafil Canisters

Purafil Canisters

Made for environments with high concentrations of gaseous contaminants, canisters provide effective gas removal for cleaner air. Available in galvanized steel, stainless steel or high-impact plastic housing with the ability to fit existing holding frames or Purafil’s custom equipment.


3. Outdoor Pollution

Outdoor Pollution

Our Outdoor Pollution & Corrosion media blend specifically targets common corrosion-causing gases and outdoor pollutants, which allows for a more effective removal of these damaging gases and contaminants.

• Ideal for use in:

–Commercial Buildings

–Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

–Hotels & Casinos


–Educational Institutions


Business Empire is a globally recognized name in providing clean air. Our company has gained its trustworthy nature as a specialized supplier and solution specialist.

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