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Travel in comfort. We protect passengers from unwanted odors and irritating exhaust while creating a pleasant, comfortable, and healthier transportation experience.


The Problem

Train and bus stations, underground subways, shuttles and monorails suffer from many of the same odor and corrosion problems as airport facilities. Diesel fumes are compounded by biological odors from people, food, and biodegradable oils used to lubricate equipment. Additionally, complex computerized equipment can quickly fall victim to the corrosive effects of pollutants.


The Solution


1. Puracarb


Designed for neutralization of chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, this media is manufactured specifically for the corrosive environments and consists of generally spherical, porous pellets. Composed of carbon, alumina and other binders.


2. PuraFilter


The PuraFilter® is a combination chemical and particulate filter that integrates Purafil® patented dry-scrubbing media into a non-woven fiber matrix. Partnered with an HVAC system, PuraFilters help meet building codes and regulations requiring outdoor air cleaning for PM-10, PM-2.5, and ozone. They replace existing particulate filters in retrofit or rework applications as well as being used in new construction. Also available in a high efficiency option.



3. PuraGRID


The PuraGRID® is a modern new filter design that supplies a large amount of chemical filtration with a minimal amount of pressure drop. This filter offers increased operational performance and energy savings for many indoor applications. The PuraGRID can be constructed with several different chemical medias to tailor the solution to specific needs.

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